The Podcast

For women and about women of color.   Beyond survival and recognizing that we all want equal pay, equanimity, respect, fairness and simply to win.  Sister Love: Untethered and Under the Radar – is about sisters uplifting sisters in self-love and sisterhood.  Just be beautiful and free of negativity and still keep it real in love, humor, health and in happiness. 
Beyond the mainstream,  Sister Love openly and freely speaks our truth as impacted by the social, economic and political climate as it unfolds.  From solo-cast or co-hosts and guests, Sister Love presents a cross section of topics relevant to our experiences.  She Rise; She Rose.  In a segment, Sister Love recognizes and honors unsung “Sheros” of today and the yesterday.  This segment highlights women who have made significant contributions to society.

Our guests include entrepreneurs, community activist, writers, artists, comedians, educators, and local SF Bay Area legends recognized for their positive work in the community.  Join the Sister  Extraordinaire Circle – SEX-C. 

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