Regaining Your Mojo During CD-19 -EP022

Ernestine Shepherd

After a long three-month hiatus, Sister Love Song is back and excited to have Colleen Morgan as guest and co-host on episode twenty-two to talk about these challenging times and how to get your Mojo back during COVID-19. Colleen gives the rundown on the pitfalls of being on lockdown from the United Kingdom and Song B chimes in on things from the USA. They both agree that there are ways to get through it that is empowering and provides tips to get your Mojo working. This week’s ‘Shero’ is Ernestine Shepherd (1936) 84 years young, extraordinary body builder, author of ‘Disciplined to Be Fit: The Ageless Journey of Ernestine Shepherd.’

“Ten Tips to Get Your Mojo Working” by Colleen Morgan

  1. Stop whining 
  2. Practice positive affirmations
  3. Silence the mind chatter 
  4. Turn off electronics 
  5. Spend 10 minutes yoga
  6. Deep breathing
  7. Read a book
  8. Show gratitude be grateful
  9. Put on your happy feet and keep dancing 
  10. Just smile