Kav Hearing Has My Britches in a Bundle -EP003

In this episode, Queen Song Bee wings it in a solocast!  Yes – it’s you, me, we.  SB gives her view on the Kav hearings;  recent sexual harassment allegation and the mysterious victim  Professor. Christine Blakey-Ford, PhD and the question raised about her memory of the incident.   Will she dare to become the heroine and 2018 poster of the #METOO movement?  Reminiscent of the Clarence Thomas hearings, in hindsight Professor Anita Hill’s courage and bravery is lauded.   Pursuit of Happiness Challenge: what did you do to create joy or meaning in your life this week?   Shero of the week:  Anita Hill.  Be patient, its Song Bee’s first solocast and you may notice a few nervous fumbles and gains stride in the thirty-five minute podcast.