Winning: From Hood to Helm – EP014

How do you handle the little pie holes when they ‘go low’ with negativity? The Sister Love ladies Song B and Gidget compare driving in New York and Los Angeles and discuss Meghan Market and Serena, who are taking hits from critics. From proper etiquette non attending the Royal Dinner and eating fruitcake or waiting your turn to interview in the large media room behind the court, the hits continue from Trump, Wendy and sports media trolls. But what they cannot take away from these sister-loves is their shine. Jay Z, the self-made entrepreneur joins the billionaire’s club. And in case you did not know, it’s Lil’ John (not Little John) and Fitty Cents (not Fifty Cents). All of them are winning. Straight from the hood to the helm – just keeping it real. Shero of th week is Chef Leah Chase (R.I.P.) of the famous Dookie Chase restaurant in New Orleans. We send light and love to the Creole Queen Chef.