Faith in Steps: One Foot in Front of the Other – EP006

Hello Sister Love Extraordinaire sisters and friends.  In this episode we are rocking w

ith Hazel Jay!  Hazel Jay also known as Lady J, is an author, educator and social entrepreneur who stops by to join SEX-C BABE’s this December to share her faith walk and God’s blessings.

    Hazel is the creator of the IGLOW (I am Golden, Legendary, Original and Wondrous) project dear to her heart that provides transformational coaching and development for mothers and families.   Hazel is also one of twelve contributing authors in the book ‘Real Talk: Intimate Discussions on Love, Life and Relationships and the author of her latest book, ‘Girl, Wear Your Big Hat.’  

The mother of four completed graduate school with a degree in business.  Following many lows and getting through several bumps and bruises, Hazel persevered with new lessons.  And through tough times  she

leaned on the blessings coming her way.   Hazel is excited about publishing her first children’s book, ‘A through Z Inventors Who Look Like Me.’

Hazel chose Ida B. Wells, American Journalist, Civil Rights Activists, a founders of NAACP and a woman of color as her Woke Ancestor of the day.   A famous quote, “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”    Listen in on our conversation and find out what Hazel did recently for her Pursuit of Happiness.  Click on ‘Girl, Wear Your Big Hat’ to read more about the author and her book and to purchase it.