Ayesha Curry, We Got You Girl-EP011

Gidget Pugh and Sonja ‘Song Bee’ in Studio Noir

Today we have two SEX-C Ladies in the Sisters Extraordinaire Circle. In this episode Song Bee welcomes her new co-host Gidget Pugh to the Studio Noir. Gidget brings warmth, lightheartedness and Mimosas to the conversation and . So let’s get this thing rocking!

Beginning with their PH levels, both are high at five! Gidget share her P-square factors (pursuit of health and happiness) of the week by going to the gym daily. Halima Aden, the first Islamic woman featured in Sports Illustrated to wear a hijab and a burkini. Kim Kardarshian makes $500,000 per Instagram post. Lastly Ayesha Curry featured on Red Table Talk, intimately revealed some feeling of insecurities being married to a baller comes with discomfort when women are constantly gabbing for your husband.