Are You Happy To Be Nappy – EP021

Brazilian Girl
Happy to be Nappy

In this Sister Love Extraordinaire Circle (SEX-C) episode, the ladies discuss The CROWN Act(Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair) Act (SB 188); a California law which prohibits discrimination based on hair style and hair texture. African Americans have struggle to own and maintain retail beauty supply industry, but frequently excel in hair care and styling business. There is uniqueness in the African American ‘black hair’ experience that is shared.

The of the ladies do a PH Level check-in. From 3 to 5 on pursuit of happiness, they give the levels and factors that made an impact for the day including the lows to highs facing truth, realness and finding support in our vulnerability.  Everyone has their own unique relations with their parents; some are fortunate to have exceptional relationships while others are less fortunate.  Each person shares something about the emotional areas in the relationships with our mothers.

Ms. Lena McPriestley was born in Mexia, Texas 1918 – 2018 was a woman of pride and dignity. Her favorite wisdom of words were,”Wherever you are is where you are supposed to be. Mother McPriestley is our SHERO of the month.