About Us

“It’s about the right to dignity.” – Sonja Brooks

Sonja Brooks, Song Bee a.k.a. Redd Sonja entrepreneur, artist, writer, consultant, humorist, advocate and visionary is founder of Sister Love podcast and supports leadership circles for women of color and of African descent globally. For speaking engagements contact vibrantwoman@gmail.com. Follow me https://twitter.com/songbee510 https://www.instagram.com/songbnvibecrew/

Oakland is in the house

Broadcasting from Oakland California; which still defiantly remains a diverse town rich in social and cultural history.  Recently featured in film and movies, Oakland was the focal point for movie ‘Fruitvale Station’  (2013) about the life and death of Oscar Grant; Black Panther (2018), and Blindspotting.

Co-Hosts and Guest

Colleen Morgan co-Host 2019

Teacher, Accredited Coach, director(music video, theatre)
Co-Host Episode 007 January 2019.

Robin ‘May Baby’

Co-Host 2018, Episodes one and two.  Community advocacy, Executive at non-profit, wife-to-be and creative cook .